03/16 2010

Wind+Sleet=Safety Day grounded


*Photo by Nancy Mellish

As you probably guessed by the title of today’s post, Safety Day this year was weathered out as far as actual skydiving was concerned, but we had a great turnout at Skydive PA!

This was Cecil’s first Safety Day as DZO, and he made it look easy! The day started with general refreshers like malfunctions, safety in freefall, on the ground preparations…you get the idea. Then we broke off into groups based on ability level. I sat with the group that discussed camera flying and what to do at the scene of an accident.

All very good stuff. Then there was the presenting of the Ches Judy Award, which went to one of the most helpful instructors I’ve ever met – John Ellison!

SD14*Photo by Nancy Mellish

The rest of the evening was spent mingling, chatting with staff, and getting reacquainted with the local skydiving community. I really enjoyed the time I spent with the freeflyers and soaking up knowledge from the rigger on staff. Good stuff!

It just so happens that while discussing some things with one of the students, she seemed very interested when I’d mentioned selling off my triathlon to downsize. Further discussion led to her trying on my entire rig, which she instantly fell in love with.

So what does this mean? Well, looks like I’m in the market for some new gear!

I’m already planning to order a custom Infinity rig from Velocity Sports – what can I say, I fell in love, there’s no turning back now!

I’m also in the market for an AAD and a used 150 until I order a custom 135…I’m a slow downsizer. Know of any 150s that need a temporary home?

So how was your Safety Day?

Blue skies!




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  2. Lonnie Kirk
    03/16 2010

    Ashley i have a 135 vengeance your welcome to try out . It has new lines on it and the canopy is crispy with about 400 or so jumps on it.
    Send me an email or text and i can arrange for it o get to you somehow.